Nxai Pan National Park, Botswana

Nxai Pan National Park remains an area largely untouched, an experience of untamed Africa. Set in the northern area of the Makgadikgadi basin, the park is a fascinating Botswana safari destination due to the varied animal life as well as the Baobabs that lie scattered around the Nxai Pan. 

The focal point is the waterhole, a life source for surrounding wildlife. This source draws animals in their thousands – especially in the rainy season where the pans become covered in grass. This is the best time to visit – from November to April when wildlife and birdlife are abundant. A veritable Garden of Eden.

It is also a breeding ground for herds of Zebra, Wildebeest, Gemsbok, Eland, a wonderful opportunity to see animals drop their young. The world’s second-largest zebra migration passes by Nxai Pan, arriving in time for November rains. Due to the high concentration of game, Nxai Pan is also a fantastic area for lion, leopard, and cheetah sightings. A feasting destination for predators!