Nosy Be, Madagascar

Meaning ‘Big Island’ in the local language, Nosey Be is Madagascar’s top beach destination.

Nosy Be, meaning ‘Big Island’ in the local language, is Madagascar’s top beach destination. Covering an area of 320 km sq, Nosy Be has turquoise waters, vibrant coral reefs, forests, and mangroves filled with rare and fascinating wildlife. It is a bucket list destination for nature lovers of ocean and land, and Madagascar’s most popular resort destination.

Like the nearby Comoros islands, it is a production centre for the perfume from the ylang-ylang trees. Other island products include sugar cane, coffee, vanilla, pepper, saffron, and other spices – making the Nosy Be markets rich in local treasure. 

Nosy Be is all about down-to-earth luxury, the largest island in its archipelago it offers a range of accommodation options. In addition to its azure waters and wonderful wildlife, Nosy Be also boasts a vibrant nightlife – as well as hosting an annual music festival around May/June every year, celebrating cultures from across the Indian Ocean.