Namibia Animals

The most popular National Park in Namibia is the Etosha National Park which boasts an impressive population of 114 different mammals. Many Namibian areas provide tourists on safari with the opportunity to see elephants, leopards, lions and giraffes, which explain why Namibia is one of the most popular African safari destinations.

Many travellers on safari to Namibia want to see the desert elephant, a magnificent animal that has adapted to its desert surroundings. They can survive in the arid environment by feeding off trees, bushes and patches of grass found sparsely scattered around. Normally, the desert elephants can be spotted around Ephemeral Rivers in between bouts of walking, sometimes up to 60km between waterholes. A viewing of these incredible creatures is a true highlight of any Namibian safari.

A big part of Namibia is made up of the Namib Desert where one can find many dune dwellers (endemic to the area; gerbils, mice, bats and the black-faced impala) amongst the golden sands, not to mention the 30 endemic lizard species found there.

Dedicated to research and doubling as a breeding ground for some of the endangered Namibian animals, the Waterberg Plateau provides tourists with the chance to view animals such as the tsessebe, roan and sable antelope, as well as a small population of white rhino.

Animals are not limited by land in Namibia, and the Cape Cross Seal Reserve provides an area that contains an ever-growing population of seals, boasting anything between 80 000 and 100 000 seals at any given time.

The Namibian animals that can be viewed on safari are both rich and varied, ranging from mammals and birds to reptiles and marine life. The National Parks are the ideal places to spot the game as they roam freely in their protected environments. Read about our Namibian safaris below and the amazing animal viewing experiences that you can have, or discover some of the other attractions that Namibia has to offer.