Lake Naivasha, Kenya

Panaramic of Lake Naivasha
A large freshwater lake located high up in the Great Rift Valley and famous for its hippos and flamingos.

Between 1937 and 1950 the Naivasha area used to be a landing place for flights between Britain and South Africa; nowadays, it’s quite a popular highlight of many safaris in Kenya! The Lake Naivasha area is supported by tourism but its main wealth is generated through flora-culture as well as fishing. Lake Naivasha is surrounded by swamp land which is home to a variety of smaller animals and reptiles. While Lake Naivasha is home to a variety of fish, it is interesting to note that the species and numbers keep changing due to climate, fishing, and the introduction of invasive species.

Lake Naivasha is fed by 2 rivers (Malewa and Gilgil) as well as an underwater system. Over the years the level of Lake Naivasha has dropped drastically, which causes concern for the wildlife and surrounding vegetation. As a result, efforts are in place to ensure that the lake doesn’t dry up.

Naivasha is North West of Nairobi and is a great add-on to safari in Kenya. It is about 1890m high and is therefore recorded as the highest elevation on the Kenyan rift. There are quite a few daytrips that can take you to this majestic lake to observe the bird life and even the hippos!

If you are thinking of going to visit Lake Naivasha then please contact us, we will be able to tell you when the best time to go is, what specific birds you might see and much more.