Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda

Uganda_Murchison Falls on the Victoria Nile river National Park
Home to the largest stretch of white river in the world, as well as four members of the Big 5.

Murchison Falls National Park, northern Uganda, is the largest wildlife reserve in the country. 4 of the big 5 roam its landscapes, as well as being home to the largest stretch of white river in the world; the river Nile. The mighty Nile River then surges through a narrow crack, resulting in the Murchison Falls; the world’s most powerful waterfall. 

Its diverse vegetation supports a great variety of wildlife, including 75% of the world’s population of Rothchild giraffes. The Nile river is populated by great pods of hippo and Nile crocodile. In the southeast part of the park, the Rabongo Forest houses several chimpanzees and other rainforest creatures. The waterbirds of this area are especially spectacular, including the goliath heron, the pitta, the giant kingfisher and the rare shoebill stork.

Bird watching, game drives, hiking or a hot air balloon safari are some of the ways to experience this incredible park. Chimpanzee Trekking may be done in Budongo Forest, south of Murchison Falls National Park.