Mudumo National Park, Namibia


A popular safari destination, a visit to the Mudumo National Park requires some expertise in 4×4 navigation – expertise we’re more than capable of providing! We also provide an exceptional fleet of 4×4 custom-built Land Cruisers for the very fact that it truly is the best way by which to explore this majestic landscape!

The Mudumo National Park is lush in comparison to other parts of Namibia, and a safari into its grounds provides you with the chance to witness wildlife rarely seen in other parts of the country – such as the water antelope, the amphibious sitatunga, the wild dog, and the red lechwe. The Mudumo National Park is also a must-visit location for twitchers from around the world, boasting some 430 species of birds!

When you choose one of our Namibia safari packages that feature a visit to the Mudumo National Park, you’ll also be able to indulge in some Tiger fishing on the Kwando River, an activity that is incredibly enjoyable and certainly an unforgettable experience!

Whilst the area is a risky malaria area, we’re more than happy to provide you with information on the necessary precautions you ought to take to ensure that happy memories and incredible photographs are the only things you take with you from this beautiful southern African region.

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