Morrungulo 1


The first thing that appears on the horizon when entering Morrungulo is the rows of palm trees followed by the expansive deep blue ocean. It is considered to be the most picturesque landscape south of the Maputu islands and when you’re lying in the sand, surrounded by nothing else but the perfect blend of jungle and sand, you’ll agree. It’s the ideal place to relax with a great book, or take long stoles along coastline

If too much relaxing makes you restless, then fear not, for Morrungulo offers some great entertainment. Aside from meeting the wonderful local tribes and villages, we recommend you try your hand at diving. Located 7km north of the town of Massinga, this isolated area features a well-established dive centre offering diving instructions, snorkelling, swimming and excellent big game fishing!

Any diver who knows anything about diving will tell you of Sylvia Shoal. Sylvia Shoal consists of a range of reefs that seemed to be designed for the diver or the keen fisherman. The underwater world stretches for 14km’s with a maximum depth of 25m and an abundance of tropical fish and corals – both hard and soft. The beautiful Spanish Dancers with their flamenco swimming action are plentiful as are other specifies of nudibranch. Green Painted, as well as Red crayfish are also to be seen. Four species of turtle, mantas, eels, shark, game fish, snappers and often dolphin are seen while diving.

You could decide to dive, fish, spend time with the locals or rest. There is an abundance of things to do and see and much of this can be done in world class accommodation. You can experience foods from chefs who not only create deliciousness from around the world, but know how to bring the flavour from their local world. They will dazzle you and you will return home satisfied.

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