Montagne D’ambre National Park, Madagascar

Montagne D'ambre waterfall
Boasting six volcanic lakes and waterfalls, the park features easy walking trails through rolling hills.

Montagne D’ambre National Park (Amber Mountain National Park) is located 35 km from Diégo in northern Madagascar, and 1000 km from the capital city, Antananarivo. Amber Mountain National Park is one of the best reserves to visit in Madagascar. The park is easy to get to, features easy walking trails through rolling hills, and clearly-marked footpaths and points of interest (in English). There are also accessible caves to explore. Beyond the park, there is the very special Ankarana Reserve with amazing limestone formations and interesting vegetation sprouting out from its crevices.

A rainforest with six volcanic lakes and waterfalls over 182 km sq of mountain range is home to an endemic ecology exclusive to the region. The park is one of the oldest national parks in the country, as well as boasting one of the most diverse ecosystems. Montagne D’ambre receives a high average annual rainfall, resulting in a tropical climate. This water runs into the long rivers and lakes and creates a wild beauty of nearly 18,000 hectares of connected green forests. These waterways provide life for many tree ferns, orchids, mosses and lianas, as well as a haven for birdlife.

Some species to keep a lookout for include: the panther chameleon, the Madagascar tree boa, and the two leaf-tailed geckos. There are also 25 species of mammals living in Montagne d’Ambre including the crowned lemur, northern ring-tailed mongoose, fossa and the brown mouse lemur.