The mokoro canoes are made from the dug-out trunk of a large and straight Ebony or Kigelia tree. As one can imagine, making a mokoro takes a lot of time, effort and skill, and it is this craftsmanship which is so unique to this area of Botswana!  The indigenous people that hand-make these mokoros have become experts in this local craft, making it their main source of income.  Supporting this venture and travelling on hand- made mokoros are recommended for a Botswana Safari and support our efforts to provide a high level of responsible tourism.

The mokoros are guided by a ‘poler’ who is sourced locally and steers the canoe along the Botswana Okavango River. He uses a method of propulsion (pushing a pole into the area beneath the mokoro) to navigate along the river. This method of propulsion decreases any negative impacts on the sensitive water environment below. Clients on a Botswana safari are always encouraged to tip the ‘polers’ – adding that little bit extra to their minimal income. The mokoro experience on your Botswana Safari is not to be missed; it is a great way to explore the Okavango Delta, Botswana National Parks, the beautiful surroundings and a great variety of African wildlife.  It is a peaceful, comfortable, eco-friendly and a unique cultural experience.

The African wildlife that lives in and around the waters of the Okavango Delta will be at your fingertips on this leg of your Botswana safari.  You will find a wide variety of animals in the Okavango Delta and the River. Within the waters, you may find the feared hippos, which occasionally (but rarely) ‘knock’ the mokoros, but the guides who steer these canoes are always aware of these animals and make sure safety remains a number one priority. You will also spot an abundance of birdlife and wildlife along the way such as; Elephants, Buffalos, Red Lechwe, Roan Antelopes and more. The waters of the Okavango Delta are crystal clear and filled with lilies and reeds; scattered all over the surface of the water, the lilies naturally purify the water, making it the pristine Botswana environment to support and sustain the African wildlife.

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