Mkomazi Game Reserve, Tanzania

Nothing can quite compare to capturing a very rare sighting of one of these animals on a safari in Tanzania – a once in a lifetime opportunity. The Mkomazi Game Reserve is heavily guarded against poachers; this protective initiative is supported by local and international communities. Also, within the boundaries is another protected species; the African dog, also know as the wild dog.

The Mkomazi Game Reserve comprises of the Kilimanjaro region and Tanga region and is dominated by Acacia-Commiphora. Mkomazi is 32 00 km2 and is often simply referred to as “Mkomazi” even though, in actual fact, it is made up of 2 game reserves; the Umba Game Reserve (in the Tanga region) and the Mkomazi Game Reserve (in the Kilimanjaro region)…. The Mkomazi region is far bigger than the Umba area which is the reason why they are commonly grouped together.

The Mkomazi Game Reserve is a relatively unknown area in Tanzania and is surrounded by historical challenges all centred around the ownership and use of the land between the government, the Masai tribes and environmentalists. When this Tanzanian national park was established only a few farmers were allowed to stay within reserve… the rest had to relocate including many people from the Masia tribes. Those that were able to stay in Mkomazi were only allowed to live within a designated area and not move or venture to the other parts of the national park (this was to protect the fragile ecological balance within the reserve). But animals and cattle in other parts of the Mkomazi National Park started to flourish and an imbalance was created. In 1980 the government decided to stop all grazing and evicted all of the herders. This was, unfortunately, the only way.

Today, the Mkomazi Game Reserve is a balanced area that is flourishing with fauna and flora. Visiting this Tanzania reserve helps to support the conservation and protection efforts that this reserve is initiating.