Mikumi National Park, Tanzania

Lion - Mikumi

Mikumi is the ideal place for those who do not have a lot of time, but want to see a large variety of wildlife… The national park is one of the less visited ones in Tanzania which makes the environment and wildlife more protected than in other parks of Tanzania. Expect to find wild, untouched and varied Flora & Fauna in Mikumi.

Mikumi is 3230 km2and set between the Uluguru Mountains to the north and the Lumango mountains to the south-east. It is also bordered by the Selous Game Reserve which is an often visited national park during when coming on a Tanzania safari. In most cases travellers only cross the Mikumi National Park on their way to Ruaha National Park or the Selous National Park… most travellers agree that after passing through Mikumi they wish they had the opportunity of spending more time here.

Mikumi hosts populations of buffalo, giraffe, elephant, lion, zebra, leopard, crocodile and many others. It is likely that you’ll see at least some of these within just a short time of entering the park. Although Mikumi receives comparatively fewer visitors, those who do come never leave disappointed. In the section of the park to the west of the main road, there is a hippo pool which provides an excellent opportunity to watch these animals at close range. Mikumi is also a good place for observing varied water birds.

Mikumi is a significant educational and research centre. Among the various projects being carried out within the national park is an on-going field study of yellow baboons. It’s one of just a handful of such long-term primate studies on the continent.

To the west of Mikumi, around Mbuyuni, is an enormous and striking collection of baobab trees stretching along the side of the main road. The best time to visit the Mikumi National Park is between May and November, if you would like to find out about travelling to and exploring the Mikumi region please chat to us – we highly recommend this East African national park for your Tanzania safari.