Matobo National Park, Zimbabwe

65km out of the city of Bulawayo lies a national park filled with history and culture. Matobo National Park invites you to explore ancient rock art, bush walks, climbing the granite kopjies (hills) and following in the footsteps of rhino.

In the local Ndebele language, Matobo means ‘bald heads’ – a reference to the granite domes in the area. These rocks exist as giant boulders, with smaller versions balancing atop the other, creating formations similar to art. The Matobo area is home to some of the oldest rock paintings in the world, making it a significant archeological and historical area. 

The Matobo National Park is also home to the endangered rhino. Other animals one would possibly see are sable, zebra, giraffe and wildebeest, with a small leopard population who thrive in the rocky habitat. The birdlife lays claim to the highest concentration of breeding pairs of black eagles worldwide.

Exploring ancient grain bins from cultures of old, spending time learning traditional Ndebele rituals, exerting yourself to climb rock faces, or follow in the footsteps of guides to find rhino – Matobo is a place to surrender to the gentle side of Africa.