Mashatu Game Reserve, Botswana

Situated in the Tuli block, the landscape is a combination of forest, savannah, open plains and sandstone areas.  The Mashatu Game Reserve in Botswana is the same area where the Limpopo River meets with the Shashe River. The name ‘Mashatu’ is derived from the glorious Mashatu Trees scattered all over the terrain – which you will see when you come on your African Botswana Safari.

The Mashatu Game Reserve is filled with an abundance of wildlife and is also known to be home to 7 of Africa’s big Giants: the Africa elephant, lion, giraffe, baobab tree, eland, ostrich and the kori bustard. Along with being home to these African Giants, it is also the refuge for the largest population of elephants found on privately owned land. There are many other animals that can be seen in the Botswana Mashatu Game Reserve, such as: zebra, leopard (frequently seen lying on the branches of trees!), bat-eared fox, warthogs… and 366 different species of birds!

The Mashatu Reserve is home to the largest Elephant population measuring around 900 elephants. These elephants roam freely around this area as they are allowed to grow in numbers in a safe environment. This area has become an ideal Botswana Safari destination as one can see a large variety of animals, bird-life and flora… The hot and humid summer months are probably the most ideal time to holiday in the Tuli Block and Mashatu Game Reserve, whilst the wettest months are November and December.

Because Mashatu Game Reserve is a privately owned reserve, many efforts have been made to maintain the ecology and biodiversity of the area.  Small Botswana safari groups and specific research projects are allowed into Mashatu, which create an exclusive, protected environment.  The surrounding areas are steeped in history, which makes for an interesting cultural experience.  The Motloatse Ruins are located at the peak of Mashatu’s Mmamakwa Hill and are filled with broken possessions and pieces of history.  The Tswana people believe it to be a holy shrine for the royal ruins of a bygone era.  Visitors on a Botswana safari to Mashatu can visit the ruins and archaeological sites to learn more…

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