Maputo Elephant Park, Mozambique

Renowned for its herds of elephants and large flocks of flamingos.

Safari Highlights In Mozambique – Maputo Elephant Park:

In 1975 it was famous for the vast numbers of wildlife it had as well as its 65 white rhino. Today the Park harbors again some leopards, antelope, crocodiles, hippos, side-striped jackals, duiker, zebra, kudu, baboons and bushpigs. It is renowned for its herds of elephants and large flocks of flamingos as well as a variety of other waterbirds. The elephants are larger than the usual African Elephants and have succeeded in surviving the years of war by moving down the Futi channel into South Africa. It is one of nature’s miracles that they have now returned in large numbers to this area. The wildlife habitat is typical of the Maputaland Coast and the soils are sandy and acidic.

The northern part is mainly covered by Mangroves and reed swamps while dense dune scrubs and forests are crossed by the lakes that dominate the rest. The park possesses amazing plant diversity and contains numerous endemic plant species. The three large saline lakes are also important nesting sites for sea turtles along the west coast. The best time for game views and bird watching are the cooler, drier months from April to September.