Mahango National Park, Namibia

Along the banks of the river, nature-lovers will be able to view the crocodiles and hippos that call the river their home, whilst the dry season brings populations of elephants on the riverbanks.

Twitchers will be able to enjoy the over 400 different bird species that frequent the area, and animal lovers can view the red lechwe, sable, antelope, water buffalo, reedbuck, bushbuck, and waterbuck that live there.

Travellers on safari in Namibia with us will encounter a unique landscape in the Mahango National Park, with its dry woodlands and lush riverine vegetation with a few baobabs that scatter the riverbanks.  The Mahango area is split up into two main routes; the eastern route and the western route. The eastern route is the better option for this Namibian National park as the roads are better to drive on (better gravel); it also overlooks flood plains and has a few nice picnic areas.

The best time to visit the Mahango National Park is in the dry season (between July and October). The summer months coupled with the summer rains (between November and April) provide little game sightings however, the bird sightings are great all year round! Bush walks and game drives are highly recommended for an exciting Namibian safari. Wildlife is regarded as elusive due to the thick vegetation … but, with the increase of wildlife populations in this National Park over the last few years, the sightings of these African animals have increased too!

Located just 12km from the Popa Falls, a visit to the National Park can be combined with a safari stopover at the Falls, making it a rich and varied experience.

Take a look at the range of Namibian safaris we provide that feature a visit to the Mahango National Park or continue reading about the various attractions that this incredible African country has to offer.