Lochinvar National Park, Zambia

The Kafue lechwe, an amphibious antelope that wades through the Chunga Lagoon, is a top sighting.

The park lies in an area known as the Kafue Flats – a vast 4000 square kilometre floodplain of the Kafue River, regarded as one of Africa’s most significant wetlands. With the rains from December to March come the migrant birds from the north, and the complement of water birds includes pelican, flamingos (greater and lesser), great snipe and marsh warbler.

Lochinvar is also home to an abundance of Kafue lechwe, an amphibious antelope that wades or swims through the Chunga Lagoon during the wet season. In the northern section of the Kafue Flats floodplain there are literally thousands of these beautiful beasts – a vacation highlight. As the floods of the wetlands recede herds move further north on to the grassy plains where they feed on grasses at the water’s edge.

The grasslands are the habitat of the blue wildebeest, zebra, kudu and buffalo, but most predators have been wiped out from the area. Lochinvar is not about viewing larger mammals. Rather it is the exceptional beauty of the park, and the incredible access to bird life that draws safari groups here.

In the southern parts of Lochinvar lie the woodlands, dominated by acacia and combretum trees, where safari groups head to see kudu, baboon, bushpig, vervet monkey and bushbuck. Highlights of any vacation here include the Gwisho hot springs and Sebanzi Hill, the excavation site of an Iron Age village.