Lake Victoria, Tanzania and Uganda

Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria shares its borders with Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. It is the largest inland lake in Africa and largest tropical lake in the world. With an area of 68 800 km sq, the lake stretches to the horizon. Lake Victoria is the main reservoir of the river Nile.

The area is rich in history, culture as well as wildlife. One may find big pods of hippo, marsh mongoose and the African clawless otter. Large numbers of Nile crocodile patrol its waters, as well as home to the helmeted turtle. The lake is fringed by an impressive riverine birdlife, inhabited by the iconic shoebill, among others, on the northern shore in Mabamba Bay.

Nestled in an ancient basin, the lake shares its archipelagos with its three bordering countries. These areas are home to a rich variety of wildlife as well as people, with a total of 3000 inhabited islets.

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