Lake Nakuru, Kenya

Lake Nkuru
A World UNESCO Heritage Site, the park is a birder's paradise with more than 500 species.

Lake Nakuru is part of a group of lakes within the East African Rift Valley. This is a section of massive fissures in the earth’s crust filled with wildlife diversity and a range of habitats. Lake Nakuru is one of Kenya’s most popular National Parks as well as a World UNESCO Heritage Site.

The park is most famous for its rhino population. Home to both black and white rhino and Rothchild’s giraffe, combined with the possibility of seeing the tree-climbing lions, the area is a safari seeker’s dream, with the exception of elephants. However, one may see leopard, cheetah, wild dogs, buffalo, wildebeest, and lions.
The park is also known for its healthy bird population, with more than 500 species recorded. These include pelicans, long-tailed widowbirds, bateleurs, the long-crested eagle, and the Hottentots teal. Breeding season is from November to April, with birds in full plumage as well as migrant species from Europe and North Africa. This is the best time for bird enthusiasts to visit the park. Being only a couple of hours from Nairobi, it is a great stepping stone to the Masai Mara National Park, taking a day or two to explore the area, or as a day trip from Lake Naivasha.