Lake Bogori National Reserve, Kenya

An alkaline lake located within a volcanic basin, famous for its hots springs and flocks of flamingos.

Lake Bogoria is an alkaline lake located within a volcanic basin in Kenya. It comprises of geysers and hot springs and the geysers have even been recorded at erupting as much as 5m high spontaneously. This lake in Kenya has been protected since 1973 and still remains one of the best natural reserves to visit on a Kenyan safari.

In 1892, J. W. Gregory, the great geologist who first set eyes on Lake Bogoria, described it as “The most beautiful view in Africa”. For decades only the intrepid could reach the shoreline of Lake Bogoria by foot – as no roads existed – nowadays there are quite a few routes and roads available to get to Lake Bogoria…however, 4×4 vehicles are recommended, as well as travelling with an organised group, in order to be better equipped to deal with the unexpected aspects of the rough terrain.

Lake Bogoria presents an exciting contrast to the more conventional game parks to the south and east. The lake and the area around it form a national reserve and although this reserve is primarily scenic it is by no means devoid of wildlife. Birds are plentiful and at times – especially when the waters of Lake Nakuru are low – it is the filled with hundreds of thousands of flamingo. On the north eastern shore of Lake Bogoria, the greater kudu are to be found, as well as a number of plains game.

Lake Bogoria has hot springs and geysers dotted all along its southern shoreline as mentioned before and the back drop of the eastern wall of the Great Rift Valley makes it one of the most picturesque settings in Kenya! The journey along the shoreline is made more exciting by these steam jets and boiling geysers. The stark evidence from the volcanic origins of the Great Rift Valley is reminiscent of scenes from a by-gone era, and it is not to be missed.

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