Lake at Great Zim Mutirikwi, Zimbabwe

Dammed at the confluence of the Mshagashe and Mutirikwi Rivers, Lake Mutirikwi forms two sides of a 12 000 hectare triangular game park. The Park is home to more than 25 species of wild mammals, including buffalo, zebra, jackal, leopard, honey badger, hippo, giraffe, warthog, ostrich, and many species of antelope. The park has a large breeding population of white rhino, and some of the world’s largest lizards (up to 3 metres in length). There is a wide range of grassland and water birds that also make their home at Lake Mutirikwi.

On the southern shore of Lake Mutirikwi, the landscape is dominated by solid granite hills. An ancient Bushman rock painting of a hunting scene can be found nearby. On the northern shore of Lake Mutirikwi, the landscape is characterised by rolling hills, covered mainly by miombo woodland and grassland – making this one of the most scenically beautiful parks in Zimbabwe. The area owes much of its undisturbed beauty to the absence of elephant, and the lack of predators creates an ideal setting for walking and horseback safaris.