Kitulo National Park, Tanzania

The Kitulo National Park lies in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania and is made up of alpine grasslands and montane forests. Kitulo lies in the Mbeya region and a small part of it is in the Iringa region. Within this protected Tanzania national park is the Kitulo plateau and the Livingstone Forest which is where most of the beautiful flowers are found.

The Kitulo National Park is the first national park in tropical Africa to be established solely for the protection of flora. From every species to every colour, the flora in the Kitulo National Park is breathtaking and overwhelming… a stunning variety of orchids await the traveller. The Kitulo National Park is administered by TANAPA which protects the flora and promotes the growth of protected and rare orchids for international trade and, of course, to make the Kitulo National Park this special safari destination that it is…. People from all over the world go to Kitulo to explore the forests and to capture stunning pictures of some rare orchids and other flowers.

In 2002 president Benjamin Mkapa announced the establishment of Kitulo National Park; it was only formally gazetted in 2005. It is now Tanzania’s 14th largest National Park but is definitely Tanzania most beautiful park in terms of flowers and flora. The Kitulo National Park has big plans… it would like to expand into the surrounding Mount Rungwe Forest area including the Rungwe Forest. In 2005 the Wildlife Conservation Society discovered here a new species of primates. This species has been named Kipunji. The Kipunji live in the Kitulo National Park in and around the Livingstone Forest area.

If you are looking to find botanical beauty while exploring and discovering Tanzania on safari then you have to go to the Kitulo National Park…. It’s a one of a kind national park. Forest walks, primate sightings, orchid discoveries are some of the best highlights that you can experience in the Kitulo National Park on a Tanzania safari.