Kidepo National Park, Uganda

With 77 mammals and 500 bird species, the park offers the largest wildlife range in all of Uganda.

Kidepo National Park is a safari gem hidden in the north east of Uganda. Bordering Kenya and South Sudan, the park is unknown and untouched, offering a truly wild safari experience. With 77 mammals and 500 bird species, it offers the largest wildlife range in all of Uganda. 

Its diverse habitat is home to many species which cannot be found elsewhere in Uganda. Some of these include the cheetah, the greater kudu and the mountain reedbuck. The park also boasts a very healthy predator population, including wild dog, caracal, striped hyena, bat-eared fox and aardwolf. 

The hunter-gatherer Ik tribe live on top of Morungole Mountain and are one of the smallest ethnic tribes in Uganda. The Karamojong tribe also live in the Kidepo valley, welcoming visitors to their homesteads to learn about their way of life. They are nomadic pastoralists, proud of their well-preserved and iconic culture. Both tribes may be visited, sharing their food, dancing and crafts.

For an exclusive and varied wildlife and cultural experience, Kidepo National Park should definitely be on your Ugandan bucketlist. The park can be explored through game drives, walking safaris, community tours and with binoculars for the amazing birdlife!