Khwai River, Botswana

The Khwai River lies between Chobe National Park and Moremi Game Reserve, a scenic pearl of the Okavango Delta. This positioning makes Khwai ecologically diverse – two bordering parks as well as the river being a life source for the area, resulting in a variety of both birdlife and wildlife. With no fences between the national parks, animals roam freely, a constant stream of species movement within the area.

The Khwai area holds the attraction of biodiversity from land to water – with the option of embarking on both a classic game drive, walking safari, or the traditional Mokoro experience. Its river is situated along a seasonal wildlife migratory route – therefore a popular watering hole for a number of species. Wildlife includes a healthy predator population, including wild dog, a favourite location for elephants as well as impressive birding within its riverine and woodland habitat. The Khwai offers a front row seat to the wonders of the delta. This seat encompasses the magic of both day and night, with night drives a popular activity in the area, seeking out the nocturnal species of the wild.

A visit to the Khwai area satisfies one’s appetite for adventure, wildlife sightings, immersion in nature as well as community and conservation awareness. A holistic and intimate Botswana gem.