Khwai River 1

Khwai River

The Khwai River is situated on the Northern side of Botswana, near a village called the Khwai Village.  This village started as a small San settlement and has developed and expanded over the past few years, proving to be an interesting cultural enclave in its own right. It is also the place where non-hunting Botswana safaris originated. The Khwai River can be viewed at the North Gate of the Moremi Game Reserve, and has recently earned a strong reputation as being one of the best game areas in Botswana, offering spectacular wildlife viewing and photographic opportunities…

The Khwai area of Botswana can be described as a combination of pretty lagoons and winding channels of papyrus, which is scenically beautiful and naturally peaceful.  The Khwai River is surrounded by little islands that feed off the borders of the river, and it is fed and re-nourished by Angola’s annual summer rains, which take approximately four months to flow down into Botswana. The length of time for the Khwai River to flow is due to the fact that the Botswana terrain is very flat and dry. The water reaches the Botswana area in the middle of the dry season, thus providing nourishment to the many species of African wildlife.

Surrounding the Khwai River, wildlife and birdlife are in abundance, making it a great Botswana Safari destination to visit. This area plays host to a wide variety of animals which include: elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard, serval, cheetah and the wild dog. The wild dog particularly is a regular feature, and has been the subject of a project being run in the area since 1989. The waters of the river are also frequented by hippos – often seen during the day and heard at night.

The Khwai River is famous for the large amounts of raptors that frequent the area. The most popular of these are the Bateleurs who flock together at the outer areas of the river during the months between August and November – making this river in Botswana a popular Botswana Safari destination for bird lovers!   This river may not be very well known to the majority of travellers, but when they experience the wildlife that this area has to offer, it becomes a firm favourite for a lot of Botswana Safaris – Come to Botswana and see for yourself why the Khwai River is so special!

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