Katavi National Park, Tanzania

Lions - Katavi National Park

The Katavi National Park includes the Katuma River, Lake Katavi and the Lake Chada floodplains… all are fascinating and diverse parts of Katavi. One of the nice aspects of visiting Katavi is that you can actually stay in permanent tented camps within the National Park!

Katavi, about 35 km south-west of Mpanda, is one of Tanzania’s most unspoiled and striking parks. You will likely have the place to yourself, and are almost guaranteed to see spectacular wildlife, particularly around Lake Katavi and Lake Chada. Due to the fact that so few visitors come here, the park’s staff is exceptionally welcoming and helpful. Katavi was originally gazetted in 1974 with an area of 2253 km2.

In mid-1998 the Katavi National Park measured and encompassed about 4500 km2. Katavi is noted for its buffalo herds that are said to be among the largest in Tanzania (a great highlight of the Katavi region). Other animals you are likely to see include zebra, giraffe, antelope, leopard, crocodile, elephant, lion and hippo. Katavi is also an excellent place for bird watching, particularly around its two lakes.

If you feel like exploring Tanzania on safari and are looking for something different and adventurous then the Katavi National Park is the place to go… from unspoilt scenery to majestic animals, this Tanzania national park has it all. Visiting the Katavi National Park can be done all year round… Chat to Jenman Safaris about a Tanzania safari that includes the Katavi National Park…