Kalahari, Botswana

Botswana today is largely bush, trees and grasses, clutching rather unsteadily on arid soil. However, this translates into a vast, virtually untouched, wilderness on a grand scale, with land stretching as far as the eye can see – so it is no surprise that it is ranked high as a Botswana safari vacation destination. Bang smack in the middle of Botswana lie huge tracts of white salt – the saltpans of Botswana – another of the country’s wonders that lie overseen by ancient baobabs.  We can show you all the wonderful details there are to explore in this expansive savannah, including the history and culture that will make your Botswana safari with us an unforgettable experience.

The sky in Botswana is an unrelenting, dazzling blue; its sand arranged in soft ridges by the harsh winds that have slowly eroded soft stone formations into the sand masses that predominate the landscape. And, unlike the Namib Desert, Botswana’s Kalahari’s dunes remain stable due to vegetation – they do not wander with the wind. The Kalahari, though semi-arid, supports an array of animal and plant life, and is not regarded as true desert, is more like a dry savannah. Summer temperatures are high and there are intermittent and thoroughly unpredictable rains, usually between 3-7 inches a year. The Kalahari attracts many tourists annually who believe this savannah to be the optimal place to go on a true Botswana Safari.  In fact, of our many Botswana Safaris, our camping options in the Kalahari are among the most popular!

Most Botswana Safaris in the Kalahari promise huge herds of animals that still follow migration paths of old. The Kalahari’s only permanent river, the Okavango, is another highlight for any Botswana safari.  This river flows into a delta that is surrounded by the Kalahari, forming a labyrinth of stunning marshes which supports large numbers of wildlife species.  The wildlife we regularly see on our Botswana Kalahari safaris include Giraffe, Hyena, Meerkat, Warthog, Jackal, Baboon, several species of antelope, such as Springbok, Gemsbok, Hartebeest, Kudu and Eland) and many others.  The black-maned Kalahari Lion is known as ‘King of the Kalahari’ and we are always hopeful that we can spot one on one of our Botswana safaris through the Kalahari.  There are over 260 bird species in the Kalahari.  Plant-life abounds in this area, despite the appearance of a vast desert, and new flowering plants are discovered every year as environmental research plays a vital role in discovering the global importance of this natural, untouched environment.

Experience this wonderful part of the world on one of our unique Botswana safaris, and you too will discover the beauty and tranquillity of this magical safari destination.