Isalo National Park, Madagascar

Isalo National Park covers 81,540 hectares of eroded sandstone and is located in the southwest region of Madagascar. Isalo National Park is approximately 600 km southwest of Madagascar’s capital city, Antananarivo.

Sweeping canyons dating back to the Jurassic period give the national park a historical and ancient atmosphere. This jigsaw of shapes and ridges are known as ‘runiformes’. The park offers incredible hiking opportunities, winding through the cliffs and canyons, exploring the valleys and ravines, waterfalls as well as natural pools.

While the spectacular mountains of Isalo are the park’s most famous feature, there are other attractions worth seeing such as the natural stone cave at Piscine Naturelle overlooking a crystal-clear waterfall that flows into an emerald pool. This tranquil pool, surrounded by leafy pandanus trees, is an oasis in the heat and a welcome relief after the long hike to get there. Another particularly fascinating attraction is the Window of the Isalo, a rock formation especially beautiful to visit at sunset.