Inverdoorn Game Reserve, South Africa

Located only two hours from Cape Town, this is a not-to-be-missed destination to witness the beauty of the African wildlife.

Located only two hours away from Cape Town, Inverdoorn is an easy-to-reach destination for travellers on a South African safari in and around the Mother City. It offers fun activities including game viewing, game walks, swimming, golf, birding, quad biking, tennis, bushman paintings tours and a selection of restaurants and lodges to enjoy. It also offers a look-out deck that overlooks a well-populated waterhole, which is frequented by African wildlife, both great and small.

While visiting Inverdoorn during your South African safari, you’ll be able to go on game drives that generally last about three hours, which are dine-in purpose-built safari vehicles with a ranger who has a wealth of knowledge to enrich your experience. Alternatively, you can choose to go on a game walk, which will see you traverse specially designated paths in the company of expert trackers who will lead you as close as is safely possible to the animals.

When it comes to the types of animals you will see while on a South African safari visit to Inverdoorn, there is a huge array that includes giraffes, zebras, white rhinos, lions, cheetahs, lechwe and more. There are about 165 different bird species as well, making it a delight for twitchers from around the world. And a cheetah rehabilitation centre provides you with the unique opportunity to learn more about the breeding and special care programs available for cheetahs.

Inverdoorn is a not-to-be-missed destination for travellers who wish to witness the beauty of the African wildlife, while still getting the feel of a holiday.

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