Gonarezhou National Park, Zimbabwe

Gonarezhou National Park | Chilo Gorge
Africa’s final frontier of pure wilderness, offering an uninterrupted wildlife experience.

Gonarezhou is Africa’s final frontier of pure wilderness. The addiction to Gonarezhou is held in its timelessness and terracotta sandstone towers; the Chilojo Cliffs. These cliffs have been moulded and changed through centuries of erosion. Located above the Runde River, the cliffs are amazing to witness, standing tall with pink and orange colours. This is a sight that will remain with you beyond your safari.

Remaining largely undiscovered, the chance of an uninterrupted wildlife experience is almost guaranteed. With very few tourists, the wild maintains its authority. Dry season (June to October) is the best time for game viewing, the animals accepting respectful presence as they gather at the waterholes.