God’s Window, South Africa

This scenic setting is best explored on various walking trails, hiking adventures and mountain biking outings.

God’s Window is a unique attraction for travellers on a South African safari. It enables visitors to overlook several National Park and Game Reserves including the famous Kruger National Park.

God’s Window is more than just a fabulous vantage point, the sheer beauty of which has inspired artists and photographers to try and capture its extreme depth and majesty. It’s a scenic setting which you can also explore whilst on walking trails, hiking adventures and mountain biking outings.

Near to God’s Window, lie the unusual formations of Bourkes’ Luck Potholes, which were created by swirling waters, rocks and pebble, wearing away the rock over time.

There is also an entire village in the God’s Window region that adds a cultural flavour to any stop off during a South African safari. The historical village was awarded “historical monument” status many years ago, and now preserves the architectural styles of 1880-1915, doubling as a township that boasts many crafts and souvenirs for tourists to take home.

With hot summer punctuated by the occasional thunderstorm, to dry and often mild winter, God’s Window offers great viewing all year around, making it a suitable stop off destination whilst on your South African safari with us.

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