Gansbaai, South Africa

Adventure seekers can take advantage of shark cage diving while the area also offers stunning landscapes.

Nearby, De Kelders holds the record as one of the oldest human remains dating back some 70 000 years. It is one of the three known places in South Africa that has found and excavated ancient human remains, making it a unique outing during a South African safari.

You’ll find yourself tracing the footsteps of history when you visit Danger Point where the HMS Birkenhead was wrecked in 1852. Just two kilometres away from the coastal line, sits the aptly named Birkenhead Rock, the cause of the accident. While shipwrecks can be interesting, this one is even more so, because it was the first to employ the “women and children first” rule. As a result, most of the women and children were saved, while many of the soldiers and officers drowned. The waters around Danger Point have claimed no fewer than 140 ships as wrecks here, and it’s a fascinating place to visit during a safari in and around South Africa.

Lovers of adventure will be able to take advantage of the shark cage diving on offer in the popular and productive fishing village of Gansbaai. However, if you’re not after a dive into the deep blue with these awe-inspiring predators, then there are other attractions to enjoy.

Gansbaai boasts a stunning landscape with lush vegetation and a huge array of Fynbos. You can also easily fill up the hours in your day during your South African safari with whale spotting, which can be enjoyed in June, July and December.

With a temperate and pleasant climate, Gansbaai is a delightful destination for most days of the year, and it certainly holds the promise of “something for everyone” when it comes to spending time here on a South Africa safari.

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