Fianarantsoa, Madagascar

Renowned for its production of wine and tea, it is the place to go to experience the island's authentic beauty.

Fianarantsoa was founded in 1830 when Queen Ranavalona decided to build an intermediate capital between Antananarivo and the remote southern provinces. Fianarantsoa lies at the heart of one of Madagascar’s most fertile agricultural areas, and is renowned for its production of wine and tea. The markets and the bargains that you can get in this Madagascar town on vacation are endless… Fianarantsoa is the place to go to experience Madagascar in its authentic beauty and raw lifestyle. The city has a chilly high-country feel to it and can get quite cool in the evenings. To the west of Fianarantsoa is Mt Kianjasoa (1374 m).

There are some good walks from Fianarantsoa. One easy one is leading north-west passing the Ambozontany cathedral; following the edge of the hill through villages, with pleasant views over the countryside.

Spending time on your Madagascar tour or vacation wandering through the town, walking in nature or relaxing in the beauty is something that everyone will enjoy.