Etosha National Park

Etosha means ‘huge white area’ or ‘place of dry water’, and the National Park certainly lives up to this description! It’s a vast shallow pan, which shines brightly in the African sun due to crystallized salt on the surface of the ground.

The Etosha National Park features several waterholes that provide some of the best game viewing opportunities during the dry season, when the surrounding lands are dry and arid. On one of our Namibian safaris, you’ll be able to sit at the edge of these waterholes and view the variety of wildlife that visit the waterhole throughout the day. Game viewing like this is truly incomparable and the opportunity for such makes a visit to the Etosha National Park a must – which is why we feature it in many of our Namibian safaris! The rainy season can also provide incredible game viewing opportunities, as the landscape is transformed to attract thousands of birds and other kinds of Namibian wildlife, such as elephants, springbok, wildebeest, rhinos, impala, lions, jackals, hyenas and more!

The temperatures in this area give an indication for the best time for game viewing on your Namibia safari. The best time being the coolest dry months of May to September, although birding is at its peak during the rainy season from November to March. The average daily temperature is 88°F (31°C) and average minimum is 57°F (13.7°C).

During the rainy season, the precipitation is recorded at approximately 14 inches (358 mm) per year, with the hottest and wettest period between January and March. During this time the pans fill with water and animals give birth – a magnificent sight to see! By choosing to enjoy one of our incredible Namibian safaris which features a trip to the Etosha National Park, you’ll be able to witness the sheer beauty of this unique landscape and the wildlife that call it their home. With years of expertise at their fingertips, our guides will be able to ensure your visit to the Etosha National Park takes place at the perfect time with regards to the temperature and time of year, ensuring you’re able to see the very best that this great game park has to offer!

Take a look at our Namibian Safaris that pass through the Etosha National Park below, or find out more about other Namibian attractions that you might want to visit during your Namibian safari!

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