Etosha National Park, Namibia


The gateway to Northern Namibia and the country’s most famous wildlife area, Etosha National Park is a must during a Namibian adventure. The vegetation here is like none other – its most defining characteristic is its large salt pan, covering 4 800km sq. The pan covers a quarter of the park and is the largest salt pan in Africa – its vast whiteness can even be seen from space!

The salt provides wildlife with various nutrients. When filled from the rains, it attracts flocks of flamingos! Etosha is best for birding once the rains have flooded the pans, attracting migratory and wetland species. There are over 340 species in the park, from pelicans to raptors to lilac-breasted rollers.  The park is home to a healthy population of black rhinos, perhaps the most stable worldwide. It also boasts a great number of giraffes, elephants, and lions – however no buffalo, hippos, crocodiles, and primates due to its lack of rivers. 

Etosha is Namibia’s prime wilderness conservation area, meaning ‘great white space’, true to its name.