Drakensberg, South Africa


The Drakensberg is a mountain chain 1000 km long forming a natural border between South Africa and Lesotho. Its rugged mountain peaks reaching 3000 m in height offer a vast array of choice for exploration. Its deep valleys hold waterfalls and cliff faces, rock pools and rivulets collecting water below. Hiking trails are gifted with some of the most breathtaking and dramatic backdrops on the continent.

A mere three hour drive from Durban will deliver you to the wonder of the lush, moss and grass covered Drakensberg Mountains. With an unlimited choice of trails, the mountains are a hiker’s dream. From easy to technical routes, there is something for everyone. There is also ancient rock art to be found along certain paths, a peek into the history of the San Bushmen.

The area may also be explored by 4 x 4 with a guide over the Sani Pass – zig zagging up narrow mountain tracks. Horse riding and mountain biking is also a fun option for exploration,  experiencing the landscape from a different perspective. A true wilderness wonder, the Drakensberg should be on every nature lover’s list!