Caprivi Strip, Namibia

Bordered by the Linyanti, Chobe, Cuando and Zambezi Rivers, an array of wildlife abound.

The Caprivi Strip is completely different from any other part of Namibia, and a safari to this region is the perfect experience to find out why! It boasts an abundance of river life, and provides ample opportunity for a truly unique Namibia safari experience on the banks of the many areas that traverse the region!

The ideal time for one of our Namibian safaris to the spectacular region of the Caprivi Strip is during the relatively cooler months of the year, from May to October. Also referred to as the Okavango Strip, its home to an abundance of wildlife, with up to 70% of the bird species to inhabit Namibia having been recorded visiting here.

No safari to Namibia would be complete without a trip to the Caprivi Strip because the area has recovered so well from the poaching of its conflict-ridden past – resulting in wildlife roaming freely throughout the unfenced region.

The Caprivi Strip feels nothing like the rest of Namibia. Without any sign of desert, it boasts an abundance of river life and the Kwando, Okavango, Linyanti, Chobe and Zambezi Rivers all traverse the region. A Namibia safari on the river banks, particularly where the Zambezi River meets the Chobe River in the east, is sublime and an important part of any Caprivi Strip safari.

The wet season from December to March is accompanied by high levels of humidity and it is better to plan your Namibia and Caprivi Strip safari for the drier and relatively cooler months of May to October. Precautions for malaria, however, are a ‘must have’ in your Namibia safari itinerary as the Caprivi Strip is a malaria zone.

There are four reserves in the Caprivi Strip; the Mudumu, the Mamili, the Mahango and the Bwabwata (formally known as the West Caprivi Game Park). Elephant in their hundreds, zebra, buffalo, hippo, crocodile and giraffe are a few of the examples of the wildlife that abounds here. Nearby are the Popa Falls, which is the site of some rather spectacular rapids rather than falls, providing great variety to your game spotting safari. As one can imagine the Caprivi Strip is a popular Namibian safari area and compliments a Zambia or Botswana safari with amazing game sightings and bird watching opportunities.

We pride ourselves in being able to bring the guests who choose to join us on any of our incredible Namibian safaris, to the breath-taking region of the Caprivi Strip. You can read about the safaris we provide that feature with the Caprivi Strip or continue to read about the attractions that Namibia has to offer.