Cango Caves, South Africa

Made up of a network of extensive tunnels and chambers, the caves boast several spectacular trails.

We like to take our South African safari groups to the Cango Caves because of the mysterious and interesting environment they create for visitors. There are two types of tours offered to explore the Caves: adventure tours and standard tours. The adventure tour is for the more daring traveller who wishes to delve into the deeper and darker parts of the Caves, including some of its small and narrow tunnel areas. The standard tour is a more relaxed way of the exploring the underground caves.

The Cango Caves measure over four-kilometres and are made up of a network of extensive tunnels and chambers. They boast spectacular trails amongst magnificent limestone formations and are located 29-kilometres outside of Oudtshoorn, an area well-known for its ostrich farming.

The Cango Caves are entrenched in South Africa history, with their discovery in 1780 by a local farmer in the area. Since then, archaeologists have found cave paintings and rock art formations dating back to the middle stone ages, making the Caves and their artwork of much interest for historians and archaeology-lovers.

Whilst on a South African safari to the area, the Caves can provide a nice and cool respite from the heat which can reach up to 32-degrees Celsius. They’re a popular attraction for both local and international tourists to the country, and a highlight we like to include on many of our South African safaris.

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