Brandberg, Namibia

Brandberg derives its name from both the Afrikaans and the German languages, meaning ‘Fire Mountain’ in both languages. This directly translates the sheer magnitude and impressiveness of this massive mountain, located in the north-western part of the Namib Desert. The Damara people named the Brandberg Mountain ‘Daures’ which means ‘burning mountain’ and the Herero people named it ‘Omukaruvaro’ which means ‘mountains of gods’.

The Brandberg Mountain is located in Damaraland in the north-western part of the Namib Desert and covers 650 km2. The highest point is called ‘Königstein’ which is a German meaning ‘Kings Stone’ and stands at an amazing 2573 m above sea level.

The Brandberg Mountain is a popular hiking mountain range destination and it’s this that makes it an incredible highlight during a safari to Namibia. The landscape is fairly challenging, and the sights are astounding.

Tourists on a Namibian safari can enjoy a number of different routes to the summit of Brandberg, the easiest and fastest of which is Ga’aseb path.

The most famous past of the Brandberg Mountain is the ‘White Lady’, a rock art painting that can be viewed during a Namibian safari on the face of a rock in the Tsisab Ravine. The area also contains over 1000 rock shelters all of which can be visited for viewing of over 45 000 rock art paintings on the mountain range. A visit to any of these areas can provide an authentic, magical and unique African highlight to a Namibian safari.

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