Botswana Animals

Botswana is an important safari destination in Southern Africa, as tourism income supports efforts in ecological sustainability and nature conservation.  While on safari with Jenman, we offer several excellent conservation projects (National Parks) which we visit on most of our Botswana Safaris; visiting these projects and paying an entrance fee is one way to positively contribute to their cause.

There are so many different types of African wildlife found in Botswana, ranging from mammals and birds to reptiles.  The Big Five can be found in higher numbers in the Botswana National Parks, making them the ideal destinations to view African wildlife as they roam around freely in a protected environment. Botswana is famous for its wildlife and it even boasts the biggest Elephant Population – there are more elephants in Botswana than anywhere else in the world (around 120 000)!

The Botswana mammals appear to be the biggest draw card for Botswana Safaris (About 164 different species!).  Some of the mammals that can be seen include; Lions, Leopards, Wild dogs, Rhinos, Elephants, Hippos, Buffalos, Zebras, Giraffes, Steenboks, duikers, warthogs, jackals, honey badgers, baboons, waterbucks … and so much more. If you are on a Botswana Lodge Safari or a Botswana Camping Safari you are guaranteed to spot some amazing and unique animals along your journey.

Botswana also boasts around 550 different kinds of birds. These birds (mostly) migrate throughout the year – birdwatchers love this area and visit it annually to spot some rare bird species. Some of the birds that can been seen include; Ostriches, Flamingos (Greater and Lesser), Egyptian Geese, Cape Vultures, African Fish Eagles, Kingfishers, Hornbills and other fascinating bird types. The Cape Vulture is an endangered species and is fully protected in Botswana – a sighting of this bird is truly magical.

Botswana also has it fair share of reptiles including; Crocodiles, Pythons, Geckos, Tortoises and Snakes. Snakes in this region include the Black Mambas, Green Mambas, Cape Cobras, Egyptian Cobras, Spitting Cobras, Puff Adders and Boomslangs. Travellers are warned about the dangers of African snakes, particularly as they are easily camouflaged into the surrounding areas, but seeing a snake in the wild also makes for a fascinating experience.