Antsiranana/Diego Suarez, Madagascar

Also known as ‘the gateway to the tropical north’ of Madagascar, Diego Suarez (Antsiranana) is an important and well known port. The city is charming in its mixed history with colonial influence of British, Arab, Creole, Indian and Comoron.

The city offers a springboard to the north of Madagascar – from history, to nature and hiking expeditions, windsurfing, to travelling with your taste buds. Explore its varied landscapes by visiting the green forests and volcanic lakes of Montagne D’ambre National Park. Explore Ankarana National Park with 150 million year old limestone from the Jurassic era – or after a road trip, catch a boat to Nosy Be, Madagascar’s top beach destination.

Take a dip in the Emerald Sea with clear blue and turquoise waters, an hour out of the city. Hikes, bays, caves, castles and dunes are all within driving distance of the city, as well as adrenalin activities such as the option of quad bikes, charter boats and kitesurfing.