Andohahela National Park, Madagascar


Set in the deep south of Madagascar, roughly 40 kilometres from Fort Dauphin, Andohahela National Park is high on anyone’s holiday itinerary due to the extreme examples of beauty and climate contained in the 760 square kilometre reserve.

Andohahela lies in the Anosy mountain range, the southernmost outcrop of the Malagasy Highlands, which not only provides exquisite landscapes but acts as a natural barrier to the eastern winds of Madagascar. As a result, the eastern side of Andohahela gets copious amounts of rain and consequently supports one of the few rainforests south of the tropic of Capricorn.

On the western side of Andohahela, by contrast, the rainfall is a lot less. The dry forest, characteristic of southern Madagascar. Between these two climatic extremes lies a truly unique transitional forest known as the Ranopiso transition, characterised by a triangular palm – its three main ramifications a typical sight – an endemic to the island.

A safari or vacation in the Andohahela is a truly magical experience. Baobabs, the national tree of Madagascar, abound; fifteen species of lemur have been spotted including the Verreaux’s sifaka – that’s the one with white fur and brown on the sides, top of the head and on the arms – one of the most symbolic lemurs of Madagascar, and the rare lemur fulvus. Additionally, waterfalls, natural pools, wonderful hiking opportunities, incredible birdlife, 61 different reptiles, 44 species of amphibians and an array of butterflies make Andohahela a holiday to remember.

A part of the entrance fee goes directly to support farming and agriculture projects thanks to the excellent park management.