Andasibe National Park, Madagascar

This conservancy is known for its population of Indri Lemurs, the largest living lemurs.

The Andasibe-Mantadia corridor is situated in the foothills of the eastern escarpment of Madagascar, covering 10 000 hectares. The village of Andasibe offers a perfect base to explore the Andasibe National Park. The 162 km sq park consists of two protected areas: the special Reserve of Indri d’ Analamazaotra (8,1 km sq) and the National Park of Mantadia (154,8 km sq), together they were formerly known as “Périnet”.

This conservancy is full of untouched montane forest and natural beauty and is home to almost all of the eastern rainforest indigenous wildlife. This area is known for its population of Indri Lemurs, which are the largest living lemurs. During the morning and again in the late afternoon, the sights and sounds of the various lemurs offer an unforgettable wildlife experience. The indri are the largest of the lemurs, and Andasibe is the best place you can see them in the wild.