Windhoek 1


Windhoek is a semi-climatic region with most days in the year being very warm, making it an idyllic stopover whilst on safari in Namibia. Windhoek retains its heat all year round due to the mountains that obstruct the heat from leaving Windhoek, which also provide shelter to the city. There are a variety of highlights … Read moreWindhoek

Waterberg Plateau Park 2

Waterberg Plateau Park

It’s for this reason that we provide a range of Namibia safari packages that include a visit to the Waterberg Plateau Park, named after the 400m table mountain massif that towers above the surrounding Namibian Savannah. On the history side of things, this incredible Namibian attraction is the site at which a devastating battle took … Read moreWaterberg Plateau Park

Twyfelfontein 3


This historic area is rich with authentic bushmen sketches that took over 2000 years to create, making it an incredibly impressive rock art collection. The carvings themselves feature imagery of rhinos, elephants, ostriches and giraffes, with human and animal footprints scattered around. Several rock shelters even include depictions of humans, painted in red ochre, making … Read moreTwyfelfontein

Swakopmund 4


The name Swakopmund is derived from the German language meaning ‘mouth of water’. The Nama people previously named this area Tsoakhaub which described the overflow and flooding of the Swakop River. The name was then changed to Swachaub by German settlers with the proclamation of Swakopmund as an independent district of German South West Africa … Read moreSwakopmund

Susuwe Triangle 5

Susuwe Triangle

The Susuwe Triangle is a triangle of land situated between the Kwando River and the Bwabwata National Park. Due to its untouched nature, it requires the expertise of 4×4 navigation, which are highly experienced teams of guides are more than capable of providing. Each of our Namibia safaris is done in the safety and comfort … Read moreSusuwe Triangle

Spitzkoppe 6


No Namibian safari can be complete without a visit to Spitzkoppe, the most popular and well-known mountain range in Namibia, which dates back to over 700-million years. In terms of the Namibian landscape, these dramatic peaks are believed to have been formed by the collapse of a volcano millions of years ago, and the unusual … Read moreSpitzkoppe

Sossusvlei 7


The Sossusvlei area is fed by a river called the Tsuachab River – the dunes actually prevent the entire pathway of this river. The Tsuachab River only flows right through Sossusvlei every 5 to 10 years, making it a rare sight to see. The Sossusvlei dunes are about 6 0km from the Sesriem gate which … Read moreSossusvlei

Skeleton Coast 8

Skeleton Coast

The Skeleton Coast National Park covers 2-million hectares, yet surprisingly it remains one of the least visited and most inhospitable places on the planet. It is untouched and mysterious, sometimes swept by cold ocean breezes and a dense fog, which played a lead role in the history of shipwrecks that rest along the shoreline. During … Read moreSkeleton Coast

Ruacana Falls and Epupa Falls 9

Ruacana Falls and Epupa Falls

The area surrounding the Ruacana and Epupa Falls is known as Kaokoland and typically regarded as a beautiful and remote wilderness abundant in such characteristics as table-top mountains, hills and vast plans accented by the odd rock. When you choose to go on one of our Namibia safaris that features a trip to the Ruacana … Read moreRuacana Falls and Epupa Falls

Namibia Wildlife Resorts 10

Namibia Wildlife Resorts

The Okaukuejo Camp is a Namibian wildlife resort located 17km from the southern entrance of the National Park and featuring its own permanently lit watering hole which provides amazing wildlife viewing at all times of the day and night. It provides bush chalet accommodation for tourists on Namibian safari, located in the natural environment with … Read moreNamibia Wildlife Resorts

Namibia Animals 11

Namibia Animals

The most popular National Park in Namibia is the Etosha National Park which boasts an impressive population of 114 different mammals. Many Namibian areas provide tourists on safari with the opportunity to see elephants, leopards, lions and giraffes, which explain why Namibia is one of the most popular African safari destinations. Many travellers on safari … Read moreNamibia Animals

Namib-Naukluft National Park


The Namib-Naukluft National Park is unique in that it features an incredibly diverse conservation area, which is quite unlike any other place on Earth! And it is for this reason that we like to include this spectacular Namibian attraction in so many of our safari packages. On our Namibia safaris, you’ll be able to journey … Read moreNamib-Naukluft

Namib Desert Dinner 12

Namib Desert Dinner

Safari Highlights In Namibia – Namib Desert Dinner: We can cater for a minimum of 2 guests, right up till 150 and can scale the venue, accessories and entertainment to suit any budget. Clients are seated in white marquee tents. Round tables with long white tablecloths and chairs with white chairs covers (Seated 6 pax … Read moreNamib Desert Dinner


Mudumo National Park

A popular safari destination, a visit to the Mudumo National Park requires some expertise in 4×4 navigation – expertise we’re more than capable of providing! We also provide an exceptional fleet of 4×4 custom-built Land Cruisers for the very fact that it truly is the best way by which to explore this majestic landscape! The … Read moreMudumo National Park

Mahango National Park 13

Mahango National Park

Along the banks of the river, nature-lovers will be able to view the crocodiles and hippos that call the river their home, whilst the dry season brings populations of elephants on the riverbanks. Twitchers will be able to enjoy the over 400 different bird species that frequent the area, and animal lovers can view the … Read moreMahango National Park

Kalahari Namibia 14

Kalahari Namibia

The Namibian section of the Kalahari frequently experiences rainfall that allows it to features clumps of grass, thorny shrubs, camelthorn trees and beautiful carpets of flowers in the springtime. It’s for this reason that this time of year can be a truly sensational experience when enjoying one of our many Namibia safaris to the Kalahari. … Read moreKalahari Namibia

northern experience

Fish River Canyon

When you journey into the 100-mile course of this incredible canyon, you’re adventuring into the very myths and legends that inform the culture of the San Bushmen who still inhabit Namibia today. The legend goes that a serpent named Kouteign Kooru, fleeing from its pursuers and potential captors carved the canyons with the turns and … Read moreFish River Canyon


Etosha National Park

Etosha means ‘huge white area’ or ‘place of dry water’, and the National Park certainly lives up to this description! It’s a vast shallow pan, which shines brightly in the African sun due to crystallized salt on the surface of the ground. The Etosha National Park features several waterholes that provide some of the best … Read moreEtosha National Park

Damaraland 15


Bordered by Windhoek, the Kalahari Desert, the Namib Desert and Ovamboland, Damaraland is a unique Namibian attraction to witness whilst on safari with Jenman. It contains some of the most scenic areas in the country, and a Namibian safari to Damaraland will brings tourists into the company of desert elephants, black rhinos, ostriches and springbok. … Read moreDamaraland

Caprivi Strip 16

Caprivi Strip

The Caprivi Strip is completely different from any other part of Namibia, and a safari to this region is the perfect experience to find out why! It boasts an abundance of river life, and provides ample opportunity for a truly unique Namibia safari experience on the banks of the many areas that traverse the region! … Read moreCaprivi Strip

Brandberg 17


Brandberg derives its name from both the Afrikaans and the German languages, meaning ‘Fire Mountain’ in both languages. This directly translates the sheer magnitude and impressiveness of this massive mountain, located in the north-western part of the Namib Desert. The Damara people named the Brandberg Mountain ‘Daures’ which means ‘burning mountain’ and the Herero people … Read moreBrandberg

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