Aquila Educational – 4 star private game reserve

Jenman Safaris at AquilaSaturday, 05:30 am! While everybody in Cape Town was still sleeping, four brave women from Jenman African Safaris were wide awake and made their way through the snowy mountains of the Western Cape – ready to face hungry lions, huge elephants and fat hippos!

We were invited to see the Aquila Game Reserve… After a fabulous breakfast (and some sparkling wine at 8am) we boarded our Land Cruiser for a 2 and a half hour game drive. It was great fun and we saw a lot of animals on the drive – particularly the white rhinos were very impressive!

After an hours drive around the park we had a break – it took a while to peel ourselves out of the layers of blankets that we wrapped around us, as it was freezing that morning…but eventually we made it and enjoyed some water and some more sparkling wine…

Rhino at AquilaThe second half of the Game Drive was just as fabulous as the first part – we returned perfectly happy and satisfied to the lodge.

We enjoyed lunch in the restaurant and had a big selection of food to choose from the buffet (yum!!!) – We were still full from breakfast but managed to overcome the temptation and enjoyed a wonderful lunch.

After we had a look at the facilities and the rooms at the lodge and then it was time to say goodbye and we headed back to Cape Town… It was an awesome daytrip – thanks again to the Aquila Team!

– Silke Probst (Sales Consultant)

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