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Osoita Lodge is located on the outskirts of Nairobi, a place called Ongata Rongai which is southwest of the main city. The staff are friendly and attentive and the setting could make you believe that you are nowhere near a huge, bustling city with all the trees and plants surrounding. A huge thatched roof, spacious hut, houses the main reception area. There is a candlelit dining room with many firepots for those cold winters. The lodge is built next to a seasonal river, which can make for a dreamlike experience, especially when eating overlooking the river. The name of the lodge is based on the Masaai word for Rocks ‘Soita’, this is as a consequence of the lodge being built in a rocky area. There are even bandas available for those people who are partial to a bit of outdoor cooking.

There are 27 rooms in total – Superior Rooms with luxuries such as satalitte TV and wifi, overlooking the pool as well as Standard rooms. The lodge rooms are built using the natural surroundings such as rock and timber from the area that they took down to build. The rooms have a rustic, antique feeling to them. A great place to relax after or inbetween your epic Safari.


  • Pool
  • Internet
  • Wifi (in selected areas)
  • Restaurant and Bar
  • Playground
  • Outside Barbeque areas
  • Electricty throughout the Lodge and Rooms


  • Nairobi National Park (very close by)
  • Sheldrick Animal Orphanage
  • Carnivore Restaurant
  • Barbeques
  • Ideal for Business Conferences


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