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Located in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe, Nyanga is a hidden gem. Completely different to the rest of the country, Nyanga is a journey into mountain ranges, freshwater streams, lush vegetation, and waterfalls. Nyanga is a destination for hikers, climbers, nature lovers, and those who are looking for the more peaceful side of Africa. 

Mount Nyangani – sacred to locals as well as the highest peak in Zimbabwe – is an invitation for exploration and a challenge for seasoned climbers. Mutarazi Falls is the highest waterfall in the country – a mesmerising curtain of water falling from the mountainside. This may be observed from the skywalk – a suspension bridge giving a direct view of the falls – however not for the faint-hearted! Worlds View is an incredible viewpoint of the Nyanga Downs plateau – an 11km hike there leads you to a panoramic vista over the Eastern Highlands. One truly feels on top of the world!

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