Lodge at the Ancient City

Lodge at the ancient city lounge area

If you’re looking for more than just a holiday, for a chance to venture into another culture and time; then let the Lodge at the Ancient City take you back to where Great African Warriors once ruled the Zimbabwean lands. Built within the unique style of the Great Zimbabwe ruins, each room is decorated in tribal gear with colours evoking a true sense of African history.

Located opposite the lodge on the other side of the valley of Msasa, lie the ancient ruins of the Great Zimbabwe. The lodge allows each guest to explore the ancient ruins along with guides and experts in ruins who help you to uncover the beginnings, architecture, trading routes, social, religious practices and the reasons for the regions decline. A mesmerising experience!


Each lodge is light and spacious, simple and elegant, yet with all the comforts of home.The main lodge has everything you need; a shaded swimming pool, a sumptuous lounge, a library, a bar and dining room, all surrounded by beautifully tended gardens.


  • Thatch lounge on a granite outcrop
  • Thatch dining hall
  • Shower
  • Bath
  • Toilet
  • Hand basin
  • Electrical socket – square amp, 220V.
  • Swimming pool
  • Gift shop


  • Excursions to the famous Zimbabwe Ruins
  • Game Drives and Walks
  • Sunset cruises
  • Drives into the tribal areas