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Eastern Highlands


The Chimanimani National Park is part of the Eastern Highlands on the border of Mozambique. The Eastern Highlands vary from the gentle rolling countryside near Nyanga in the north, to the fierce granite spikes of the Chimanimani Mountains in the southern part of Zimbabwe. The area is remote and undeveloped as well as rich in flora, fauna and striking topography.

One of the highlights of the Eastern Highlands is the Bridal Falls of Chimanimani; the second-highest falls found in Africa. Just a little further from the Eastern Highlands, the hot springs of the Save River Valley (the valley of baobabs) can be found. The Eastern Highlands region even boasts an oasis in the desert offering a hot pool with water high in therapeutic minerals!

At the southern end of this mountain chain, the volcanic peaks of the Chimanimani Mountain are sharp and jagged. Most of them can be conquered with little mountaineering skill and they hold hundreds of rivers, waterfalls, and pools to enjoy after a long day’s hike. Further south and in the central region of Zimbabwe, you will find the Vumba Mountains, a range of misty peaks.  This is all just a short drive away from the bustling Zimbabwean town of Mutare.

Of the many activities in this area, we recommend: hiking, swimming, golf, fishing, and horse riding as well as shopping for local artefacts, sculptures and knitwear.

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