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Chantel has extensive experience in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, and Eswatini. She is one of our top guides who clients keep requesting on their return journeys to Africa! She speaks English and Afrikaans with a smattering of German. Chantel has acquired both her Cultural Guide South Africa and National Overland Nature guide qualifications.

She originally developed her love of nature by camping with her family when she was young, as well as getting lost in Wilbur Smith Novels! Hiking, camping, trekking, safaris and cultural experiences have been part of her life for the last 18 years, and she has loved every moment!

“My favourite African destination is Botswana, especially the Khwai region and Cape Town, my home!”

Africa Tour Guides


Wiets is a field guide that operates in Namibia, Angola, Botswana, and Zimbabwe. He is a specialist motorcycle guide who also offers motorcycle training and renting of motorcycles for eco-friendly guided tours. Wiets speaks both Afrikaans and English. He also speaks some of the local Namibian languages and loves teaching his guests to greet and thank in many of the local languages encountered on his tours. He studied communication science but his love for wildlife and landscape got the better of him and he made a career change in 2014 by becoming a field and motorcycle guide.

“My favourite African destinations are the Namib Desert and Etosha National Park in Namibia.”

Africa Tour Guides


Norbert is a multi-lingual, multi-passionate guide who covers the whole of Southern Africa in his portfolio. He speaks many African languages, including Swahili, Zulu, Ndebele, Nambya, Shona, Nyanja and of course, English. He is currently studying French to add to his repertoire! Norbert holds a Diploma in Tourism & Travel as well as his guiding license. He has been guiding since 1999, therefore provides over 20 years of wild wisdom and knowledge!

“My favourite destination is Namibia because of the diverse landscapes, animals and cultures.”

Africa Tour Guides


Uwe is a multi-lingual guide who speaks German, English and Thai. His area of guiding expertise lies in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana. He has acquired his NQF4 cultural guide license as well as his Medic first response certificate. After 5 years of guiding experience, his curiosity and enthusiasm and passion still drives his explorations into the African wilderness.

“My favourite African destinations are Lesotho, Zimbabwe and South Africa”.

Africa Tour Guides


Barbara is a German-speaking guide who specialises in the landscapes of Botswana, Zimbabwe and the Caprivi strip. She is more than qualified in the ways of the wild with a Master’s degree in Eco-Tourism (Cum Laude), her FAGASA level 1 training as well as having acquired her Professional Hunters License. Having started in 2008 she has over a decade of experience under her belt and is a dedicated, passionate and professional guide.


Africa Tour Guides


Walter’s guiding passion is rooted in Kenya and Tanzania. Speaking both Swahili and English, he is able to easily navigate the tourism landscape, offering local insight to guests. With over 10 years of guiding experience, he has collected an in-depth knowledge of the local wildlife, his passion being mammals.

“I really enjoy the landscapes of Tarangire.  The ancient trees dotting the landscape dwarf the huge elephants grazing below them.  It reminds me of how we are all huge or tiny depending on perspective, but in the end, one can’t survive without the other.”

Africa Tour Guides


Elisha is a bilingual guide who speaks both Swahili and English. With over 15 years of experience in Tanzania and Kenya, he has gathered in-depth knowledge of both the wildlife and cultural landscapes. He is an experienced 4 x 4 driver, ready to take you on adventures through the wilderness of East Africa!

“My favourite African destinations are the Serengeti/Mara ecosystems for the sheer volume and diversity of animals.”

Africa Tour Guides


Eliamini has over 14 years of guiding experience in Tanzania. Speaking both Swahili and English, he is able to communicate freely with clients and locals alike. This provides extra insight and understanding of the local culture and ways. Eliamini received his degree from Mweka Wildlife School and is passionate about people and wildlife.

“It is not easy to choose my favourite destination as all the national parks in Tanzania have a different aspect that makes them spectacular.”


Africa Tour Guides


Claudia is an expert in Madagascar, wearing the National Guide qualification with pride. She speaks Malagasy, French and English, ensuring smooth communication at all times, as well as local insight and understanding! With over 10 years of guiding experience, Claudia is a fountain of knowledge about Malagasy wildlife, culture, architecture and hiking. 

“My favourite destination is Tsingy of Bemaraha National Park in the western part of Madagascar.”

Africa Tour Guides


Rija has been a national tour guide for over 20 years. She has had a full range of experience leading groups, families as well as individual tourists. She is well trained in a variety of tour types, including classic, adventure and trekking. Rija is a passionate and multi-lingual guide, speaking Malagasy, French and English. This gives her and her clients the advantage of local knowledge and insight.

“My favourite destinations are Isalo, Montagne d’Ambre, Tsingy de Bemaraha, and Andringitra National Park.”

Africa Tour Guides


Having guided since 2006, Armel is a Senior National Tour Guide and tour leader. He graduated in sociology, economic and entrepreneurial tourism. In 2018, Armel became a certified photographer, framing Madagascar in a new light for himself and his clients. His passion lies in the wildlife, culture and history of Madagascar; proudly exhibiting its wonders through hiking, cycling, adventure and photographic tours. He also has a deep love and knowledge of birds. Armel speaks Malagasy, English, Italian and French, giving him access to local as well as international knowledge!

If you would like to become part of our guiding team please send your CV to our Human Resources Manager on info@jenmansafaris.com

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