Our Vehicles

 Southern Africa: 4×4 12-seater Safari Vehicle

Our 12-Seater safari vehicles are operating in Southern Africa (i.e. SA, Namibia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Botswana). Like the Land Cruisers, they have been tailored to suit safaris and offer onboard charging facilities, pop-up roof and the drop down window systems. It also has an onboard fridge and a PA system. The seats are all seat-belted and forward facing, with 4 across the rear and a row of single window seats on the left and a double row of seats to the right (especially nice for couples). Clients would then rotate seating to give everyone a chance at the window. Unlike the bigger over-landing vehicles, the driver’s cab forms part of the body so that the clients’ forward view is not restricted, and the guide is able to converse directly with the clients, even when sitting up front.

Vehicle Features:
  • 12 forward facing, sizable passenger seats plus two crew seats fitted with seat belts promoting comfort and safety along your African journey
  • Large, slightly tinted windows for optimal game viewing, which protect you from the hot Africa sun.
  • Safety features: Air-helper suspension, seat belts, fire extinguisher, first aid kid & Netstar Tracking System
  • MP3 stereo for some music along the way
  • PA system allowing for easy communication between the safari guide and our clients
  • Luggage compartment, which leaves the inside of the vehicle uncluttered but the vehicles have enough space for your hand luggage and camera bags inside the vehicle
  • Individual lockers
  • Pop-up roofs for better game viewing
  • Electricity inside the vehicle allows cameras to be charged and fridge and freezer to run.
  • The 4×4 feature of our vehicle allows us to travel off the beaten track.

Southern Africa: Mercedes Sprinter

Our Mercedes Sprinters are used on Southern Africa tours, during transfers, and during day trips in and around Cape Town. It is the perfect touring vehicle especially for longer distances travelled on tar roads.

Vehicle Features
  • 15 forward-facing seats
  • Fridge
  • Safety features: Air-helper suspension, seat belts, fire extinguisher, first aid kit 5. Netstart Tracking system
  • Luggage compartments
  • PA system

Mercedes Sprinter

Southern Africa: Toyota Quantum Mini Bus

On our non-4×4 routes we either use our Toyota Land Cruiser or our Toyota Quantum Mini Buses. The vehicles have 10 forward facing comfortable seats with seatbelts. The vehicle is air-conditioned with individual vents above each seat. Each vehicle is equipped with fire extinguishers and our vehicles are sent for a roadworthy test once a year – making our safaris a safe adventure! If you would like to go on a safari with one of our Toyota Quantum’s then please let us know.

South Africa: 18 Seater Safari Vehicle

Custom designed and built: Our newest vehicles to hit the savannah, our 18-seater was named in honour of the legendary lion killed in Hwange National Park last year. Our biggest and most comfortable vehicle to date, the design of Cecil was led by feedback from our valuable clients over the past couple of years. New improvements include extra thick, adjustable memory foam on seats, USB-chargers for recharging electronic devices and extra-large windows for optimal game viewing.

Vehicle Features:
  • Full-length roof rack for luggage
  • Full-length parcel shelf for daypacks
  • Fitted with USB charging points for each client
  • Fitted with individual overhead lights for each client
  • Fitted with individual AC port for each client
  • Fitted with speakers
  • PA system allowing for clear communication between the safari guide and our clients.
  • Radio for music
  • Interior fridge for keeping food and drinks cold
  • 120L Double fridge/freezer in the rear for food
  • Additional boxes for tools under vehicle to separate from luggage
  • Large sliding windows for optimal game viewing
  • Fold out client step for easy entry and exit
  • Step cover for safety when moving
  • Side table for food preparation on the side of the vehicle.
  • 2 Large luggage compartments
  • 18 client seats with seatbelts
  • 12 window seats
  • Adjustable armrest on each aisle seat for comfort

Botswana: Open 4×4 Land Cruisers (Game Viewers)

These open Land Cruisers are not used for mobile safaris but are based in Maun where they are used for taking clients on game drives to nearby National Parks. These custom-designed long wheelbase Cruisers can accommodate 12 passengers. When being used for FIT clients, only the “window” seats will be occupied, making it an 8-seater (i.e. excludes the front passenger seat).

The vehicles have the following features:
  • 12 passenger seats with 8 “window seats”.
  • Fold-down stair for easy access.
  • Raised seating and pop-up roofs.
  • Canvas sides to roll down and close tightly should it start rain or for the comforts of longer drives.
  • Snorkel in case of passing rivers.
Botswana: Open 4x4 Land Cruisers (Game Viewers)
Botswana: Open 4×4 Land Cruisers (Game Viewers)

East Africa: 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser – 7-seater

The below vehicles are the 7-Seater Land Cruisers that are based in East Africa. These Cruisers only offer window seats and in between the 2 back seats there is an onboard fridge for storing drinks. The fold-down stair and convenient exterior door handles make it easy to climb aboard, while the centre aisle allows movement around the vehicle when it is stationary. All the seats are equipped with safety belts and the front left seat folds upwards, so as not to obstruct entry to the vehicle. The vehicle is also an on-board battery charging facility for cameras and mobile phones. Tinted windows ensure maximum comfort from the high temperatures, as well as a unique opening system – normal safari vehicles all have sideways sliding windows, which offer very little space to photographers, while Jenman vehicles have drop down windows that offer a far larger opening area. The pop-up roof is then the cherry on the top… Designed as a single roof structure, it offers great shade from the hot African sun and the chance to stand on the seats for a better view, as well as stretching the legs!

East Africa: 4x4 Toyota Land Cruiser

Vehicle Charters

Jenman Safaris has a larger fleet of vehicles which are available for charter. We have 17 seater Mercedes sprinter, 24 seater Overland Vehicles as well as 28 and 44 seater coaches. All of these vehicles are equipped with individual seatbelts and fire extinguishers. We also ensure that our vehicles are sent for a roadworthy test once a year – making our safaris a safe journey! If you would like to charter any of these vehicles or have a larger group you’d like us to customize an itinerary for, please let us know.

Jenman African Safaris Collection