Our Commitment

Our Commitment

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We are committed to running our safaris and day-to-day operations in a sustainable and responsible way following clear guidelines for our economic, social and environmental responsibilities.

Local Services

We support the local economy by utilising locally owned shops, restaurants, markets and accommodations where possible.

Radio made from recycled cans


Local township vendor selling artwork and crafts


Low Impact

By keeping our group sizes small, we ensure that our operations do not disrupt or lead to the displacement of local people. By biking and walking – our travel has a low impact on the environment.

A walking safari


A guest enjoying the wide open space



We take responsibility for our actions in maintaining and employing environmental considerations in all trip and business planning: minimising water and atmospheric pollution, disposing and recycling litter, using sustainable natural gas for catering and reducing energy consumption in the office.

Jenman staff on a beach clean up


We employ environmental considerations


Community Support

In addition to our community projects, we support local communities by visiting villages, schools and various cultural give-back activities and tours. We ensure that local people benefit economically as we employ them as tour guides and drivers – and a high percentage our staff are locally sourced.

The Himba Tribe of Namibia


Local bushmen in Botswana



The activities we arrange help to impart knowledge about conservation, and educate and enable people to experience and get close to nature.

Most of our tours include visits to National Parks which charge a conservation fee and in some cases a large portion of the entrance fee is given to the local community. In consistently supporting these National Parks throughout Southern and East Africa, we help to further the conservation projects.

Conservation education


Wildlife viewing on a bush walk



Jenman Safaris provides regular and ongoing training to our team about principles and practices of responsible tourism.

Guides on a training weekend


In-house company training

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