Rosmead Primary School

Rosmead Primary School

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Rosmead Primary School located in Claremont, Cape Town, was established in 1940 under the auspices of the Coloured Affairs Department to serve the local communities. With the implementation of the Group Areas Act and forced removals during Apartheid, the Rosmead community was dealt a heavy blow as the majority was displaced to the Cape Flats and areas further away. Despite the odds, many parents continued to send their children to Rosmead Primary, since it was the only one of many “coloured” primary schools to have survived in Claremont.

Class at Rosmead Primary School


The Grow Africa team with Rosmead Primary


The school has 738 pupils with the majority of children commuting from the townships to attend. Due to parents limited incomes the school fees are only R70 per child per month (the equivalent of 3 Euro), which does not cover all school operational costs.

Rosmead Primary school is lacking basic facilities for educating and developing their pupils. One of the main disadvantages is there are currently no functional sports facilities for the children to use. Sport is a valuable tool to promote health and prevent disease, both through sport itself, and through the participatory act of watching others play, with the associated communication, education and social interaction that games can produce.

Rosmead Primary School current sports ‘field’


Cutting the ribbon at the launch for Grow Africa to raise funds to establish the new sports field


We at Jenman African Safaris recognise the importance of sport in education, and support Rosmead Primary School to build a sports field for all pupils as well as the local community to enjoy. Through fundraising events, sponsorship and donations we will strive together to provide these children with a sports field they naturally deserve.

If you too would like to help Rosmead Primary School please contact:

Jenman launch the partnership with Rosmead Primary and the local community


Let the fundraising begin!


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